Bits o' Bits

a random collection of bits from my some of my works in progress.
"I don’t want to lose this high
but I know how bad it can get again
I don’t want to lose my mind
but I don’t know when this joy will end."

"And I'm terrified
Am I gonna slide away again?
I'm losing my
keep losing my
I'm losing my mind again and again."

"I may be happy now,
but what does tomorrow bring?
I can feel the joy in my veins
but that don’t mean a thing.
When you have a demon
knocking at the front door of your mind
any time 
it can bring you more
I can’t deal that again--
oh, pain.
So sick of dying,
inside crying, pain!

No, you can’t see it on my face,
but if you were to trace
the insides of my mind
you might find
the depth of my pain."

excerpts from "Pain"